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Along with the use of bond bonds, a defendant may be released under other conditions. These alternatives include pretrial services applications, own recognizance or signature bond, cash bond, surety bond, property bond, and citation release. The choice of these alternatives is determined by the court.citation needed

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Several high-profile instances involving bondsman misconduct have led to calls for increased regulation of their industry or outright abolition of their bond for profit industry. 22232425 One of the most prominent situations, in Louisiana, included bribery of judges by a bail bond agency. A far-reaching FBI investigation code-named”Operation Wrinkled Robe” contributed to criminal charges and removal proceedings for various judges, for example Ronald Bodenheimer, along with police officers.

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In California a landmark case regulating commercial free speech has been decided on November 5, 2013, which held that the conviction of Bail Bondsman Todd Russell Dolezal 27 after his felony arrest from the California Department of Insurance,28 Investigation Division, Senior Investigator Gulcher 29 for bail solicitation. Underneath Dolezal v. California, the California Court of Appeals held that the narrowly tailored restriction on commercial speech prohibiting direct solicitation of bail at a jail passes constitutional muster.

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As of 2007update four countries Illinois, Kentucky, Oregon, and also Wisconsinhad completely banned commercial bail bond,16 usually substituting the 10% deposit option described previously. A number of those states specifically permit AAA and similar organizations to keep on supplying bail bond services pursuant to insurance contracts or membership agreements.citation necessary While not illegal, the tradition of bail bond agencies has effectively ended in Massachusetts as of 2014.17 Most of the US legal institution, including the American Bar Association and the National District Attorneys Association, dislikes the bail bond industry, saying it discriminates against bad and also middle-class defendants, does nothing for public security, and usurps decisions that ought to be manufactured through the justice system.

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This is since a bail bondsman will not find it profitable to work on matters where the proportion of gain will yield $10 or $20. Therefore, bail bondsmen help release people with higher amounts of bail that are also charged with greater crimes, making an imbalance in the numbers of people charged with minor offenses (low level misdemeanors) and raising jail expenditures with this group of crimes.

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The American Civil Liberties Union has criticized the practice of bond bonds as a Kind of correlation against low income communities and fueling mass incarceration of innocent people using the ACLU recommending automatic text messages or robocalls for court looks 32

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This ruling prompted a statewide email note 31 to each of California licensed bail representatives regarding the judgment. .

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18 The economically discriminatory effect of the bond system was controversial and subject to efforts at reform since the 1910s. The market evidence suggests that judges in setting bail demanded reduced probabilities of flight out of minority defendants. 19 See, by Way of Example, Frank Murphy’s institution of a bond department at Detroit, Michigan’s Recorder’s Court.

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