Can A Bail Bondsman Arrest You

Can You Be Taken Into Custody By A Bail Bondsman?

The powers of bail bondsmen within the confines of the law have been extensively discussed. It is true that courthouses work closely with bail bondsmen. However, does this make it a government agency? More importantly, can you be arrested by a bail bondsman? This article seeks to answer these concerns among others.

Before continuing, it is important to first clarify what a bail bond is. Guaranteed by a bondsman licensed by the state and backed by an insurer, a bail bond is also referred to as a surety bond. In case you do not show up in court as directed, the bail bondsman pledges to pay the bond in full to the court. This actually sounds quite straightforward. However, the situation might get a little tricky. The bail bondsman is legally empowered to track down and bring to court a defendant who skips their scheduled court appearance. More importantly, the bondsman is under the law also allowed to take the fugitive into custody after tracking them down to their place of hiding.

This does not mean that once you miss a court appearance you should expect a bail bondsman to pay you a home visit. However, bondsmen are not required to have a warranty of arrest and have the right to detain fugitives for as long as it takes to hand them over to law enforcement agents, simply because they are not considered to be agents of the government. Any documents demonstrating the power of the bail bondsmen to pursue and take fugitives into their custody must be kept in their possession at all times. Bail bondsmen may hire a bounty hunter to pursue, take into custody and deliver fugitives to the authorities. You should take some time to find out more about how bounty hunters differ from bail bondsmen.

Seek Assistance From a Trusted Bail Bonds Company

We have witnessed numerous cases where defendants have failed to appear in court over the five decades we have been operating in this industry. Of all the things defendants can do, this is by far the worst. This further escalates the legal consequences they face, for starters. Furthermore, this also puts in jeopardy, their relationships with anyone who made an effort towards getting them out of police custody to begin with. Making sure that you attend scheduled court appearances, is by far the most important piece f advice we would offer to defendants. Just because you don’t feel like attending court, we don’t want to see anyone close to you losing the thousands they put down as your bail. We also do not want to have to come to your house with law enforcement officers.

We are committed to helping you answer all of your Bail Bonds questions. Our team includes a number of fully trained and licensed bail bondsmen. We guarantee that your case will be handled professionally and privately. Getting our clients out of police custody as soon as possible is our main focus. In addition to helping you understand what to expect, we also explain the entire process to you, something that other bail bonds services don’t do. To help you and your loved ones through a tough situation, our flexible and creative agents do what ever is necessary.

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